Top Health and Fitness Products of 2021

Over the year, Dr. Joe Sheppard tested and reviewed the most promising and affordable new home Health and Fitness products. Here are my selections for the Top Essential Fitness Products of 2021, selected for their quality, reliability and affordability with features to improve your health and athletic performance. Concept 2 Rower The dependable performance ofContinue reading “Top Health and Fitness Products of 2021”


The NEW BOSU NexGen Pro Balance Trainer has a whole new look, new exercises, and a textured dome with 4 quadrants to help with positional cueing and grip BOSU® NexGen™ Pro Balance Trainer As a Chiropractor, Lumbar CORE weakness is the prevalent indicator of back pain, postural imbalance and predictor of future injuries or flare-ups. Current statistics show thatContinue reading “BOSU NexGen”

RMT Club

The RMT® Club by WeckMethod is a multipurpose, functional training tool designed to create a more integrated and athletic body from head to toe. Optimized for a wide range of swinging exercises, the RMT® Club can help improve any athlete’s rotational power, mobility, core strength, balance, coordination, and more.  RMT CLUB  Several times a monthContinue reading “RMT Club”