Top Innovative Products 2021

Over the next year, Dr. Joe Sheppard will be testing and reviewing the most promising and innovative health and fitness products. Here are my selections for the Top Innovative Fitness Products of 2021, selected for their advanced technology features to improve your health and athletic performance. Wahoo KICKR Smart Trainer The ultimate in power, accuracyContinue reading “Top Innovative Products 2021”

Wahoo Fitness TICKR Fit

TICKR FIT heart rate armband uses optical heart rate technology to provide accurate heart rate and calorie burn data in the most comfortable form factor yet! Equipped with Bluetooth and Ant+ technology to seamlessly pair with fitness apps, smartphones, and GPS bike computers and watches. WAHOO FITNESS TICKR FIT I’ve been a Wahooligan since theyContinue reading “Wahoo Fitness TICKR Fit”

Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt

Created in collaboration with the best minds in cycling aerodynamics, ELEMNT BOLT offers the power and simplicity that originated with ELEMNT in a race worthy design proven to shave seconds off finish times. WAHOO ELEMNT BOLT With my first introduction with the TICKR years ago, being a Wahooligan has been a standard aspect of myContinue reading “Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt”

WAHOO Fitness Desk

The Wahoo fitness bike desk is a multipurpose with adjustable height for indoor cycling standing or even some extra homework. And lets you optimize and switch between. The desk has built in technology stands and access connections for all your computer needs. WAHOO FITNESS BIKE DESK I had thought of adding a shelf to stabilizeContinue reading “WAHOO Fitness Desk”

Wahoo KICKR Snap

The Wahoo KICKR SNAP brings a realistic ride experience indoors and into a wheel-on smart trainer. The SNAP’s legendary flywheel features technology that creates the same resistance experienced in outdoor climbs and descents. Plus, no other indoor bike trainer has more software training options, including Zwift and Trainer Road. Join the Wahoo Fitness family andContinue reading “Wahoo KICKR Snap”

Wahoo Elemnt Rival

I consider myself a Wahoologan as my essential training products consist of the Wahoo Kickr AXIS, Climb and TICKR X. Recently, I’ve added the Element Rival fitness watch to my arsenal. The Rival as many key features and it is a excellent overall watch. This multisport watch delivers easy transitions with a impressive high technologyContinue reading “Wahoo Elemnt Rival”

Wahoo KICKR Headwind

The KICKR HEADWIND is the first ever smart fan, designed with the cyclist in mind. The KICKR HEADWIND will keep you cool during the toughest training sessions. WAHOO KICKR HEADWIND There are many reasons that I didn’t think that I needed a fan while training in the basement, but after purchasing and giving it aContinue reading “Wahoo KICKR Headwind”