Garmin ForeRunner 935

Become your best athlete with the finely tuned fitness monitoring on the Garmin Forerunner 935 GPS watch. Track running dynamics, heart rate, VO2 max and more to inform your training. GARMIN FORERUNNER 935 The Garmin Forerunner watches have been favoring mine for many years and I was looking forward to demoing the Forerunner 935. ThisContinue reading “Garmin ForeRunner 935”


The New Performance Standard.  OptygenHP is based on the latest clinical research on adaptogenic herbs and their effect on endurance athletes. OPTYGENHP I have used all First Endurance products starting with the initial Optygen and now the newly engineered and improved OptygenHP. I truly believe that using OptygenHP has allowed my body to adapt toContinue reading “OptygenHP”