BandBell RhinoFlex bar

The RhinoFlex is a dynamic weightlifting bar. It flexes and bends to allow for maximum safety through joint stabilization. This results in a pure and concentrated muscular contraction with little or no stress on the joints. BANDBELL RHINOFLEX BAR This is my second purchase from Bandbell, which the Earthquake bar was my one of myContinue reading “BandBell RhinoFlex bar”

Bandbell Earthquake Bar

The original Bamboo Bar re-designed for an all purpose approach. This bar offers total versatility. Rehab, Strength, Function, Recovery. The all-purpose kinetic juggernaut that allows you to quickly add bands and start training.  The first-choice for pro-sports, personal trainers, and gyms everywhere.  EARTHQUAKE BAR  With years of chronic shoulder injuries, I was ready to update my trainingContinue reading “Bandbell Earthquake Bar”