Infinit Nutrition TripWire

TRiPWIRE is not just another gel. It is an ultra-premium powdered concentrated fuel mix, perfect for running events. TRiPWIRE mixes into the perfect portable nutrition-solution that’s easy on the taste buds (even after hours in the heat) while still being easy on the gut INFINIT NUTRITION TRIPWIRE Tripwire continues in a long line of superior supplementation throughContinue reading “Infinit Nutrition TripWire”

Infinit Nutrition

One Drink, Infinit Possibilities. Infinit Nutrition specializes in all natural all in one nutrition for the endurance athlete that are customized to your needs INFINIT NUTRITION For years I have trouble with the properly balanced electrolyte drink while the majority of drinks have too much sugar, cause digestion problems or are artificially flavored and sweetened.Continue reading “Infinit Nutrition”