SQLabs Ergowave 612

The new 612 Ergowave active with SQlabs active technology, raised rear section and a wave like shape contouring from the rear to the front making it perfect for a dynamic riding position on the road or mountain bike. SQLAB 612 ERGOWAVE This is my second demo (Previously 611) this SQLab Ergowave. Several key features forContinue reading “SQLabs Ergowave 612”


The PhysioSaddle Combines cycling with biomechanics and anatomical knowledge to improve comfort and decrease pain. We aim to make your ride pain free and enjoyable. We didn’t re-invent the wheel, just the seat! PHYSIOSADDLE The PhysioSaddle which was created by Shane Page, Physical Therapist and board-certified sports specialist in 2017 with 7 years’ experience treating orthopedicContinue reading “Physiosaddle”