Kurt Kinetic Smart Control

The Kinetic Smart Control Power Unit installs in minutes and is the most affordable and convenient option for anyone looking to upgrade their current Kinetic Rock and Roll or Road Machine trainer frame to our most advanced, resistance-controlled power training experience. KURT KINETIC SMART CONTROL POWER UNIT The Kurt Kinetic Rock ‘n’ Roll trainer hasContinue reading “Kurt Kinetic Smart Control”

Top Health and Fitness Products of 2021

Over the year, Dr. Joe Sheppard tested and reviewed the most promising and affordable new home Health and Fitness products. Here are my selections for the Top Essential Fitness Products of 2021, selected for their quality, reliability and affordability with features to improve your health and athletic performance. Concept 2 Rower The dependable performance ofContinue reading “Top Health and Fitness Products of 2021”


Add Synergy to your training. Combine Endurance and Isolated leg training to achieve results that far exceed when pedaling is done together POWERCRANKS PowerCranks quite simply are independent bicycle cranks that replace regular bike cranks found on your typical bicycle. They force you to learn a new way to pedal the bike more efficient andContinue reading “PowerCranks”


The New Performance Standard.  OptygenHP is based on the latest clinical research on adaptogenic herbs and their effect on endurance athletes. OPTYGENHP I have used all First Endurance products starting with the initial Optygen and now the newly engineered and improved OptygenHP. I truly believe that using OptygenHP has allowed my body to adapt toContinue reading “OptygenHP”

Marc Pro

The Marc Pro is intended for muscle conditioning by stimulating muscle in order to improve or facilitate muscle performance. MARC PRO I am always looking for ways to reduce soreness, speed recovery and improve my overall performance. As sports technology changes, so does the post recovery devices. After reading the book Iced by Gary Reinl,Continue reading “Marc Pro”

Rip Van Waffles

Rip Van Waffles mission is to awaken our increasingly busy population to a convenient, nutritious and elevated food experience RIP VAN WAFFLES I grew up in a household where waffles (Eggo) were served on a regular basis for breakfast and the grew to my own natural homemade recipes of more of healthier ingredients. Rip VanContinue reading “Rip Van Waffles”

SQLabs Ergowave 612

The new 612 Ergowave active with SQlabs active technology, raised rear section and a wave like shape contouring from the rear to the front making it perfect for a dynamic riding position on the road or mountain bike. SQLAB 612 ERGOWAVE This is my second demo (Previously 611) this SQLab Ergowave. Several key features forContinue reading “SQLabs Ergowave 612”

MTS All Natural Whey Protein Isolate

Grass Fed rGHb Free and Non-GMO All Natural Whey Protein Isolate is the purest form of whey protein you can possibly use. Whey protein isolate yields 90%+ protein, does NOT contain lactose and is perfect for those with digestive issues caused by dairy but still want the benefits of Whey Protein.  MTS ALL NATURAL WHEYContinue reading “MTS All Natural Whey Protein Isolate”

Pioneer SGX-CA900 Cycle Computer

Visualize your pedaling with a powerful high-data cycling computer Data on power (left & right independently), pedaling efficiency, pedaling graphs; ANT+™ standard speed sensor, heart rate monitor, and more. PIONEER SGX-CA900 CYCLE COMPUTER With the Pioneer cycle computer, I expect nothing less than perfected visual technology analytics at the touch of a hand. Pioneer wasContinue reading “Pioneer SGX-CA900 Cycle Computer”