Withings Steel HR

Steel HR is the first activity tracker with heart rate monitoring to offer a long-lasting battery life of 25 days, all housed in a classic watch style perfect for transitioning from the gym to the office to a night out. Plus, stay connected with smartphone notifications that appear right on the watch screen, and enjoy the latest activity recognition features launched in Health Mate.


I have reviewed several other Withings products in the past and the Steel HR watch was when my most anticipated products for awhile.  I was truly ready for this piece of technology and style all-in-one. This watch has a style that I’ve never seen in the smartwatches, it automatically tracks over 10 different activities in your life. Heart rate is monitors whether you’re running or in the full workout mode and is embedded in the face of the watch not to take away from its sleek professional look. The watch is very reasonably priced and comes in 2 sizes 36 mm at $179 and 40 mm $199 which is very comparable to all the other health trackers on the market. Steel is water resistant up to 50 meters whether you’re in the pool, showering over the torrential downpour while running to the office. Upgraded from the previous Steel has both heart rate and personalized smartphone notifications which was a huge upgrade to the Withings watch product. Via Bluetooth you are connected to receive text messages, calls and any other events on your calendar to keep you on target. It’s quite impressive that the watch has 25 days of battery life. Health Mate App automatically synchronizes with the watch to give you analysis of your daily activity, sleep or workout progress. The Withings Steel HR is a superior fitness and activity tracker with excellent heart rate and text alerts that is available for a very affordable price.


  • Track heart rate during workouts to optimize training, and monitor daily and resting heart rate to improve health over time
  • Automatically track walk, run, swim, sleep, distance & calories burned
  • Receive notifications for text messages, calls, and events on the watch screen
  • Up to 25 days of battery, plus 20 more days on power reserve mode
  • Automatically synchronizes with the Health Mate app, where you can view trends, gain insights, and unlock rewards
  • Available on iOS and Android
  • 2 sizes available 36 mm costing $179 and 40 mm at $199


  • Sleek, Classic design for home, office or play
  • Automatically sync with phone via Health Mate App
  • 24/7 all activity monitoring
  • Superior battery life at 25 days
  • Stay connected thru text, phone and calendar


  • None


The Withings Steel HR is a superior fitness and activity tracker with excellent heart rate and text alerts that is available for a very affordable price.

To purchase or for additional info go to https://www.withings.com/us/en/steel-hr

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