Add Synergy to your training. Combine Endurance and Isolated leg training to achieve results that far exceed when pedaling is done together


PowerCranks quite simply are independent bicycle cranks that replace regular bike cranks found on your typical bicycle. They force you to learn a new way to pedal the bike more efficient and powerful manner that resembles a running motion without the impact on the joints. Independent means is that each leg has to pedal by themself without the other one helping. You have to actively push and raise up the pedal using your hip flexors and hamstring muscles. The cyclist learns how to ride a bike more efficiently. This independent pedaling forces multiple muscles of the legs, hip flexors, and lumbar spine to work together with balanced for improved strength, coordination and overall muscle efficiency.

I have been an avid cyclist for approximately 15 years riding several hundred miles a week. I know the value of proper spinal biomechanics and muscular balance and the effect of how it can impact performance, repetitive injuries and even daily pain.  For many years, I have evaluated, tested and documented the muscular imbalances and spinal dysfunction in the low back and pelvic regions thru myself and my patients. I see a variety of chiropractic patients, young and older with repetitive and sporting injuries, excessive book bag weight issues, and poor posture with lack of muscle tone and spinal imbalance. Current statistics reveal that 80% of the total population will experience low back pain during their adult life. Chiropractic care has been a major part of my health, but I felt nagging left knee and low back pain after several hundreds of miles a week, were related to a purely muscular imbalance. For years I tried thru many different CORE exercise programs to balance this out with minimal improvements. I have even tried a heel lift in my shoe, but it made my lower back hurt even worse. After training with the PowerCranks for 6 weeks at 2-3 times a week, I have noticed some significant changes structurally, cardiovascular, and metabolically. Pre and Post X-ray revealed that I had a less the 1.5-millimeter difference in my right leg length. My CORE lumbopelvic musculature (psosas, hip flexors and quadratus lumborum) was balanced and I have no low back pain even after 75 or more miles. The acquired leg length difference that was causing my knee pain even corrected itself with my balanced pelvis. My statistical documentation and data also showed a reduction in the measurements in my waist (.75 in.), body weight (1.8 lbs.) and body fat (less than 5.6%) with increased hamstring flexibility (1.5 in.) and lower extremity musculature (combined 2.0 in.). The Cycling power meter revealed improved muscular efficiency thru increased power wattage, improved cadence and sustained heart rate for greater periods of time. One of the most significant improvements was the balanced quantified muscle measurements in the Gastrocnemius and Quads. The strength and size difference between the right and left is almost exactly equal after only 6 weeks, when for over 1 ½ years the left extremity had lagged behind and plateaued. What I’ve also noticed from using these PowerCranks is that after a short learning curve of learning how to pedal more efficiently that you’ll become stronger, improved efficiency with more balance between the left and the right side and increase your overall performance.

The PowerCranks are available from the basic entry level around $899 to the higher around $1200.  It doesn’t matter which one, but they are well worth the ticket price. PowerCranks independently work multiple muscle groups for superior muscle strength, balance, improve coordination, increased flexibility and injury prevention. PowerCranks are a must to improve performance, rehab post-surgery or just prevent injuries.


  • Independently works different multiple muscle groups
  • Increases running and cycling speed
  • superior muscle strength and improve coordination
  • Increased flexibility and injury prevention
  • Ensures leg and CORE balance
  • Several models to choose from adjustable, dual mode or fixed crank length


  • Achieve excellent right and left CORE stability and lower body balance
  • Improve pedaling efficiently thru dead spot
  • Neuromuscular activation with forced pedaling independent learning
  • Improve cycling and running performance
  • Excellent for post rehab and muscular weakness
  • Easy to install and highly durable craftmanship


  • Incredible lower body and CORE workout until the musculoskeletal system adapts to new pedaling mechanics
  • Difficult to pedal outside as I have chosen the in house trainer
  • Reasonable price for the Cranks but are work the injury prevention and performance enhancements


PowerCranks independently work multiple muscle groups for superior muscle strength, balance, improve coordination. Increased flexibility and injury prevention. PowerCranks are a must to improve performance, rehab post-surgery or just prevent injuries

To purchase or for additional info go to  https://www.powercranks.com/

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