Rocket 7

Rocket 7 Custom Cycling Shoes are 100% hand made in the USA and have been chosen by many top athletes all around the world. Our shoes are arguably the lightest, stiffest and most comfortable in the world (180 grams size 40). We integrate an innovative shock dampening system into each of our shoes that allows us to add additional carbon fiber to stiffen up the shoe while keeping them comfortable for the longer rides.


Since 1999, Rocket 7 has been handcrafting cycling shoes in the USA with the finest materials available. Being passionate cyclists ourselves, our mission at Rocket 7 is to provide cyclists around the world with premium cycling footwear, offering optimum fit, performance, and comfort.  In over 20 years of cycling, I was intrigued in a truly handmade customized shoe that was created from a foam molded kit.  I believe that an orthotic can greatly reduce and prevent injuries while walking, so the mechanics of pedaling require the same stabilization to optimize power transfer and prevent repetitive cadence motions.  These shoes are personally made to fit your specific anatomical design (leg length or size differences) or any health needs (neuromas). Rocket 7 shoes have the lowest stack height available with one of the lightest shoes on the market at only 180 grams. The three closure system is very basic without buckles, but is effective for “strapping a comfortable fit” every time. Rocket 7 uses a high quality epoxy resin 3K tow carbon fiber, that is wet laid by hand in a state of the art lab not a massed produced factory.  This process ensures stiffness and an incredibly lightweight carbon fiber sole.   The shoes are not flashy like many other shoes on the market with a simple color design combination and hand stitching to ensure quality craftsmanship. Their motto is “Function over Fashion” which says a lot about creating a shoe that functionally works and performs on the road with showing off.

Rocket 7 realizes the amount of demands that cyclists place on the feet and are a fully committed and passionate about hand crafting a shoe to give maximum performance and proper biomechanical alignment at the same time.


  • 3 strap velcro closure system
  • Lightest shoes on the market at 180 grams
  • Hand stitched micro fiber  uppers
  • 100 % Carbon sole built from quality epoxy resins
  • Low stack height for maximum power transfer
  • Fully customized shoes (color combination and personalized embroidery) designed from foam molding kit
  • Integrated heel cup and foot bed
  • Replaceable heel pad to prevent damage to carbon sole while off the bike
  • Cleat platform is compatible with all major manufactures


  • Passionately Handcrafted in the USA
  • Lightest shoes I’ve ever worn
  • Perfectly molded to fit my feet
  • Incredible power transfer to the pedal
  • Handmade from Superior quality materials in a “State of the Art” lab


  • Very Pricey, but to have a fully customized and personalized shoe (Mine says Dr. Joe) it was worth it. You won’t need another pair of shoes for 50,000 miles
  • Basic color combinations with a not so flashy design, but I like the philosophy of “Function is better than Fashion”


For years I have been plagued with different size feet (8, 8.5) and that hard to find perfect cycling shoe. The Rocket 7 shoes where hand made specifically from a molded kit that gave me a perfect custom fit. They are incredibly comfortable and don’t leave any amount of power left out from your workouts.

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