Marc Pro

The Marc Pro is intended for muscle conditioning by stimulating muscle in order to improve or facilitate muscle performance.


I am always looking for ways to reduce soreness, speed recovery and improve my overall performance. As sports technology changes, so does the post recovery devices. After reading the book Iced by Gary Reinl, I was curious as to the benefits of active recovery by purchasing a Mark Pro. I gave the Mac Pro a full 3 weeks of use at approximately 2 to 3 times per day post workout or prior to going to bed. While using the Mac Pro, there is a true muscle movement that you feel why using it for the standard 15 minutes. This proprietary dynamic decaying waveform is a slow-release overtime that actually allows the muscle fiber to relax as the fluids are moved in and out of the tissue area without causing any muscular fatigue or cramping. Even with using the Mark Pro four times in a day, there was no fatigue on the muscle due to the continual movement or contractions that I did experience. Marc Pro was specifically designed to improve and accelerate the post workout process, This non-fatigue muscle contraction causes a cascade of events that occur physiologically in the musculoskeletal system. This process initiates nitric oxide, dilates blood vessels, increases oxygen flow and essential nutrients to aid in the recovery of muscle. Regular use of the Mac Pro has been shown to allow the body to adapt and change by forming additional capillaries that are formed called angiogenesis. This Active Recovery is the key to using the Marc Pro as with other stimulation devices. Active recovery is specific controlled non-spasmodic muscle contractions that engage the physiological process to reduce the muscle breakdown that releases myokins, removal of wastes via the lymphatic system drainage and improve the overall recovery of the athlete. There are two units that are available for Mark Pro and the Mac Pro plus each unit is approximately 700 to 900 and is reasonably priced for the durability and functional benefits to the athlete. The Marc Pro is a superior post workout device which is essential to optimize my recovery and stimulates muscles to improve performance


  • Reduce muscle fatigue or soreness
  • Improves recovery without fatigue on muscle or mechanical stress
  • Comfortable and east to use
  • Maximizes training results
  • Simple setup with 2 independent channels and self-adhesive electrodes for multiple regions or muscle groups
  • Improves the capacity of the vascular system with drugs or side effects


  • Easy to use and highly durable device
  • Effective for reducing soreness and speed recovery
  • Regular use improves the capacity of the cardiovascular system
  • Quality product with functional/physiological benefits to the athlete


  • Pricy at $699
  • Prefer a wireless system due to tangling of wires


  • The Marc Pro is a superior post workout device which is essential to optimize my recovery and stimulates muscle to improve performance

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