Pioneer SGX-CA900 Cycle Computer

Visualize your pedaling with a powerful high-data cycling computer Data on power (left & right independently), pedaling efficiency, pedaling graphs; ANT+™ standard speed sensor, heart rate monitor, and more.


With the Pioneer cycle computer, I expect nothing less than perfected visual technology analytics at the touch of a hand. Pioneer was the first of its kind that had every 30° measures torque vectors all within ± 2 power readings. The SGX-CA900 cycle meter has a color 2.2 screen that is touch panel and allows for quick one touch expansion, adjust the brightness and can change pages all by scrolling left or right, up-and-down or pressing and holding. You are able to view general data or specific to each field at any moment with the SGX. While the cycle the computer was specifically designed for Pioneer power system, it is compatible with some Ant+ Power meters which include Garmin and Quarq. The system also works with Ant+ heart rate monitors, cadence and speed sensors.  The Pioneer meter is race tested and rider perfected to handle any variation in wet or cold, road conditions and elevations. The unit itself weighs only 126 grams and will add minimal amounts to your overall weight of the bike. Post data is easily seen through Wi-Fi to the robust Cyclo Sphere cloud experience which will give you incredible objective data analytics to view exactly where you have been or where you’re going with your progress. Cyclo-Sphere lets you analyze up to 199 different data points so you have complete comprehensive analytics. Easily integrated with Strava and Training Peaks for personal and or coach analysis. The unit itself costs around $500 and is the most dynamic, customizable and sensitive cycle computers. Pioneer SGX-CA900 is the premier cycling computer that is precise, incredibly detailed and robust color touch screen on the market.


  • 2.2” Color Touch-screen LCD Cycle Computer
  • Built-in GPS, Barometer and Thermometer
  • 6 programmable screens views with 16 screen configurations
  • 6 different bike profiles for tracking your different bikes
  • Display any of 86 different attributes
  • Touch panel allows intuitive use with one-touch expansion, adjust brightness and Change pages by scrolling
  • Compatible with ANT+ compatible power meters, heart rate monitors, cadence sensors and speed sensors
  • Mini USB for easy uploading of ride events to Strava™ & TRAININGPEAKS™


  • Fully Customizable data screens
  • Large 2.2 inch Color touchscreen
  • Premier  and only 30 degree 12 point vector power analysis on the market
  • Works with some Ant+ power meters
  • Extensive Cyclo Sphere cloud analysis         


• Expensive at $499, but worth the high price ticket
• Not Bluetooth Compatible, but who needs it


Pioneer SGX-CA900 is the premier cycling computer that is precise, incredibly detailed and robust color touch screen on the market.

To purchase or for additional info go to

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