BONT Blitz

Bont Cycling Blitz, 100% carbon, heat moldable road shoe that’s ready to race. With industry leading anatomical features and a sub 235gram weight, the Blitz redefines the standards of mid-level road cycling shoes.


From the beginning of my first experience in the Bont cycling shoe, the Bont heat moldable shoe has been the essential gear for the Happy Athlete. With that in mind, this is my continued relationship with Bont Blitz. As with all Bont shoes, the Blitz has a 100% carbon heat moldable shoe. There are several key features that make this an affordable pro level customizable shoe that will not only improve your performance and also enhance the dynamics of the lower extremity. Let’s start with see the structure of the shoe, which is a 100% 3K carbon chassis, which is not only strong but lightweight. The moldability is due to the epoxy thermoset Resin, giving the cyclist the ability to mold as many times as required to make this exactly as you desire. With this customizability, the anatomical heel cup ensures that the shoe is glued to the calcaneal heel bone optimizing that minimal movement occurs and complete power transfer from you to the pedal to the wheel then pavement. While, I prefer the dual boa system, the Blitz has the best of both worlds with a boa locking system and a Velcro strap at the same time. The foot has medial longitudinal arch support systems (prevents over pronation) and the blitz supports the arches to improve the overall mechanics and reduce long-term injury of the foot. The outer layer of the shoe is constructed of a high-grade durable microfiber upper to last through many cycling seasons. The shoe itself has a high breathability about it to keep your foot ventilated and temperature controlled. Due to the carbon construction, it only weighs around 235 grams which is extremely lightweight and will not add much at all to the cyclist’s overall weight. One of the most impressive features is that the affordability to have this pro level racing shoe for only around $260, which speaks for itself. The Bont Blitz is an excellent pro level high-performance heat moldable shoe that will not only improve your performance but enhances the biomechanics of the foot.


  • 100%, 3K carbon construction of the chassis has been specifically designed to ensure maximum performance at low weight
  • Fully heat moldable, 100% Carbon chassis (utilizing Epoxy Thermoset Resin) and EVA thermo moldable innersole
  • Increased stability during the pull through stage of pedaling stroke and up stroke, provided by an Anatomical Heel Cup
  • Anatomical shaping allows the foot to function in its most efficient and anatomically correct position
  • BOA dial retention system and Velcro forefront strap ensure micro adjustability for a next to custom fit
  • Constructed with high grade gloss Microfiber upper to provide a strong outer layer to withstand the rigours of everyday cycling
  • Highly ventilated integrated top and side panels enhance breathability


  • Affordably priced around $259 for pro level customized racing shoe
  • Superior Power transfer from the 100% carbon construction and heel cup stability
  • Full Heat Moldable customizable pro level shoe
  • Durable, long lasting with no restriction to the heat moldable resin
  • Excellent ventilation design for comfort and temperature control
  • Works with 3 hole systems
  • Protective arch system design


  • None  

THE BOTTOM LINE The Bont Blitz is an excellent pro level high-performance heat moldable shoe that will not only improve your performance but enhances the biomechanics of the foot

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