The LEOMO TYPE-R is a wearable motion analysis device which measures and records motion with amazing accuracy. Bringing together the latest in motion sensing technology, biomechanics and professional level feedback, the TYPE-R can elevate your training, performance and injury prevention to a whole new level. The lightweight head unit with large high-resolution display can be attached to your bike or wrist, showing you power, cadence, speed, heart rate, GPS, and motion analytics data in real-time.


As a Chiropractor my philosophy has is always been proper function thru alignment leads to maximum performance, less injury and of course improved health. My most anticipated technology for 2018 was the LEOMO TYPE R. With this advanced technology you are able to modify, change and correct positions that not only reduces injury. decrease pain and create ideal biomechanics all with simple and wearable live motion sensing technology. The LEOMO TYPE R which stands for “Laws and Equations of Motion” is a wearable motion-based analysis where five sensors are attached to your feet, thighs and sacral (base of low back) region that analyze all planes of movement thru accelerometers that gives you trackable and live metrics right front of you. The LEOMO TYPE R is compatible with all Ant+ and Bluetooth technologies for power, cadence, speed and heart rate. The screens are fully customizable to include all cycling metrics for you or your coach to be analyzed during or post workout. While the Retul and other 3D motion capture bike fitting systems are more positional static in time on a Grid and the LEOMO is live with present time analysis of angular position, direction, and velocity/acceleration (There is no comparison).  Set up is fairly simple with the charging, pairing, downloadable apps which after my usual learn through my own instruction, it was very reasonable, and the data was reliable, constant efficient in all levels. The LEOMO gives you the ability to have your own biomechanical lab through live motion capture analysis on your own time, location whether indoor or out. Two batteries provide swappable 50 (Small) or 80 (Large) minute and Dock Charger Capacity with the 6 hours of battery life with charging times of 1h 30m to 5h depending on battery configuration. The high-resolution screen is a very large 1.5 x 2.75 screen and is highly readable and of course touchscreen. Probably the most difficult problem you may have is just a learning curve of all this data. I’ve experienced past injuries, episodic spinal and hip/knee pain, poor posture and altered biomechanics l that can lead to long-term problems, wear and tear on joints and of course chronic pain unless addressed thru proper function and chiropractic alignments. The LEOMO gives you the ability to reduce wear on the body, increase function and maximize performance. A have a few suggestions which are a specifically designed cycling Bib with pockets in thighs and rear of suit for sacral sensor and maybe a 6th sensor placed at the lower neck/upper back to analyze the upper body position.

With my recent hip injury, I was plagued with that “catching or locked feeling”, once I was able to visualize live data of poor mechanics, I reduced the pain and was cycling pain-free for the first time in months. The LEOMO TYPE R is reasonably priced for $799 which is a little bit more expensive than a Garmin EDGE1030, Karoo or 3 times the Wahoo ELEMNT but with the advanced motion sensors and on-screen dynamics is well worth price of less than $800. As with most bike fitting the average cost can be $250-350 which provides you for just that one-time static analysis as your body continues to change and adapt, you will have that ability through the LEOMO TYPE R. Body needs proper motion with a wearable live motion dynamic right in front of you, your ability to modify and make the proper corrections on your own terms, location and time for maximize your own performance and longevity on the bike. The LEOMO TYPE R is a highly advanced wearable cycling analysis system that provides valuable, real time and accessible information that is essential to improve your performance, reduce injury for a very reasonable price. 


  • Quantifies motion into trackable and actionable metrics
  • Touch-screen display (glove compatible)
  • Connects up to 5 LEOMO motion sensors (included)
  • Compatible with ANT+ Power, Cadence, Speed, and Heart Rate sensors (not included)
  • Customizable page layouts including live graphs and TrainingPeaks® metrics TSS®, IF®, NP®
  • GPS Tracking
  • View and analyze your activity data using LEOMO’s browser app that can be accessed anywhere
  • Exports FIT files for use with your preferred analytics softwares
  • IPX5 Waterproof rating allows for use in rain or shine (IPX6 on wrist)
  • Modular system with swappable battery charger


  • Reasonable priced at $799
  • Fully customizable screens for all your preferred cycling dynamics
  • Live screen cycling metrics on your own time, location and present or post workout review
  • Reduce stress on the body and decrease pain with “on the Fly” visualization of proper movement and alignment
  • Simple to setup, pair, wear sensors and view on screen live data
  • Maximize your performance and optimize spinal/extremity biomechanics
  • Excellent battery life up to 1h 30m to 5h depending on battery configuration
  • Allows a truly natural freedom of movement analysis without a 3D static motion capture


  • Consider a Specifically designed Bib with pockets in thighs and rear of suit for sacral sensor
  • Requires some cycling analytics education, but seems reasonable with Pelvic Tilt/Angle, Dead spot score and Leg/Foot Angles and general Power metrics, cadence and heart rate etc


The LEOMO TYPE R is a highly advanced wearable cycling analysis system that provides valuable, real time and accessible information that is essential to improve your performance, reduce injury for a very reasonable price. 

Visit LEOMO to learn more OR PURCHASE: LEOMO Homepage

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