BONT Vaypor +

A luxury Sportive shoe combining classic materials with state of the art technology.


Since my original introduction with Bont One over five years ago, a Bont shoe has been a essential aspect of my cycling gear for over the last 40,000 miles. As with my previous S version clocked over 10,000 miles and still today could go on and on for many more miles. Added to my Wish List for early 2017 was the Bont Vaypor + 2016 version. Bont products have embodied superiority quality and craftsmanship accelerating athletic performance is bar none as it always has been with Bont products. The Plus 2016 version has some advanced innovations that create improved efficiency in biomechanics along with structural support that reduce injuries and long-term wear on the joints. The Bont system has the carbon technology that gives the athlete the perfect personal individualized moldable fit without compromising any structure or weight advantages. While Bont is designed in Australia, I would expect nothing less than a kangaroo leather upper for comfort and long term mileage durability. The lining Itself as a cowhide that is both supple and forgiving at times and will stand the test of many miles to come. A individual micro fit is controlled with boa IP1 dual direction dial with quick release functionality as the athlete needs it. As a Chiropractor, structural support in the foot thru a medial and lateral design support system prevents injuries, wear on the joints and optimizes performance. There are multiple color variations that are both simple and traditional with the “look at me” bold color options also. Most Bont products there is a slightly higher price point the Vapor +2016 cost around $450 but as I stated before… you pay for what you get my last version of Bont’s lasted well over 10,000 miles and were worth the investment that was put to it. Bont’s Vaypor + 2016 version is the most customized performance and innovative shoe that I’ve demoed 2017 and are one of my Top products and Essential gear for 2017.


  • With the luxurious yet uncompromising strength of a kangaroo leather upper
  • Supple cow hide internal lining
  • Bont Cycling’s industry leading carbon technology ensuring highest strength to weight ratio and lowest stack height
  • The anatomical perfection of Bont Cycling’s last to ensure correct fit
  • Bont Cycling’s technical innovations for improved efficiency and structural support
  • BOA’s IP1 Dual directional dial with quick release functionality
  • Both traditional and bold color options


  • Unmatched quality, research/development and design
  • Light weight and excellent power transfer
  • Unlimited moldability to achieve the ideal anatomical fit
  • Comfortable and forged from long lasting carbon fiber material


  • Expensive at $449 but these are my top shoes for the year as my previous version lasted 12,000 miles plus


Bont’s Vaypor + 2016 version is the most customized performance and innovative shoe that I’ve demoed 2017 and are one of my Top products and Essential gear for 2017.

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