AMEO PowerBreather

Breathe in the water as freely as never before. The POWERBREATHER is an innovative sports tool for swimming, triathlon and diving. No matter how long and intensive you swim: It supplies you always with optimum oxygen without water infiltrating – in contrast to conventional snorkels. It perfectly adjusts to your head shape, fits comfortably and reliably


Swimming is an excellent form of exercise that not only works the cardiovascular system and muscular resistance, but has the benefit of limited gravitational stress on the joints. Several issues I’ve always had while swimming are the breathing mechanism and the strain on the neck while turning your head to left or to the right to take a breath. I became aware of the Ameo Powerbreather thru a recent advertisement and had the opportunity to interview the Managing Director who gave me the opportunity to demo the  Ameo PowerBreather. This power breather system is an innovative device that allows the athlete to breathe and expel water & air through different chambers without turning the neck or causing any mixture of oxygen and CO2. This benefit of this type of performance device is that it increases oxygenation of muscles with no strain on the neck. The D-tubes have an innovative two-way separation system that allows oxygen rich breathing at all times. The new breathing mechanism takes a very short time to adapt to but will challenge you and your future workouts by allowing you to optimize the resistance in intensity and distance without oxygen deprivation. The Ameo Twist Lock system is easy-to-use and has a comfortable adjustment to all size heads with maximum fitting accuracy. The Ameo system is an innovative, simple to use and highly effective training device that maximizes your muscle and biomechanical output without compromising any oxygen or strain on the neck. Reasonably priced with the version (my version being under $130) Ameo PowerBreather is an essential tool for all levels of swimming that will maximize your training quantity and quality without compromising your oxygen or neck strain.


  • Innovative 2-way separation system – for always fresh, separating oxygen coming in from CO2 going out.  
  • Quick reaction time of the valve as well as flexible adjusting to various applications and training aims
  • Quick application with maximum fitting accuracy and wearing comfort
  • Comfortable adjustment to the individual size of the head
  • D-shaped profile for comfortable, secure hold with optimum airflow (inside) and flow resistance (outside)
  • Available version are Sport, Lap and Wave


  • Affordably priced at $109 – $149
  • Ideal ergonomic design to optimize oxygen during swimming with no field of vision loss
  • Advanced breathing system for oxygen Inhalation and CO2 removal separately
  • Individualized twist and lock system for a secure and comfortable fit
  • Increase your lap performance with no required head movement or oxygen restriction


  • None


Ameo PowerBreather is an essential tool for all levels of swimming that will maximize your training quantity and quality without compromising your oxygen or neck strain

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