SIDI Carbon Shot

Innovative and pointing the way – the SHOT is Sidis new Road flagship. The low weight and excellent aerodynamics play in a new league. Breathability and comfort leave nothing to be desired. The clever Double Techno 3 Push closure thrill to use. In SHOT the best available technologies of SIDI come together with the Italian passion for spectacular design. 


I waited to this summer to experience SIDIs top-of-the-line cycling shoe called the Shot Carbon. There has always been a SIDI in my closet that is one of my benchmark miles the entire year and I do feel the Shot is my next venture. It has been a while since I’ve experience craftsmanship, technology, comfort and power transfer that I have grown to know and all of my SIDI shoes and previous mileage. The Vent carbon sole has superior power transfer with stiffness and ventilation all at the same time. I do appreciate some customization issues and has I do consider myself a little old-school… the three Double Techno 3 Push system guarantees a superior closure and customization on every region (bottom, middle and top of the foot. Techno microfiber has both a Anti-mold and Hydro treatment which eliminates bacteria/mold growth and is certified to contain no harmful substances in the materials. Every amount of nonspecific movement in the foot reduces power, the adjustable heel retention device reinforces the heel to the shoe optimizing all power transfer while you’re moving and eliminates any non-movement of the foot. The Heel Cup reduces the movement or slippage and also provides increased power transfer and protection of the foot at the same time. There are additional graphic updates which include a striking graphic of airflow that just adds more classic and embossed visuals. The biggest consideration is the cost which is well over $450 and has a have stated with previous versions of SIDI, my first one lasted tens of thousands of miles which I would expect nothing less from the Shot Carbon also. Overall, this SIDI Shot has incredible and unparalleled power transfer, high customization and stability along with enhanced graphics to give you a high performance pro level shoe. 


  • Microfibre Techpro and Mesh
  • Double Techno-3 Push System for a customized fit
  • Adjustable heel retention device
  • Supportive and stabilizing heel cup
  • Vent carbon sole for efficient power-transfer and all-weather comfort


  • Excellent power transfer
  • Stable and impressive customized dialed in fit
  • Very comfortable and lightweight
  • Highly durable and long-lasting SIDI design 


  • Expensive, but these are SIDI’s best shoe on the market 


Overall, this SIDI Shot has incredible and unparalleled power transfer, high customization and stability along with enhanced graphics to give you a high-performance pro level shoe. 

To purchase or for additional info go to

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