BONT Helix

Introducing Helix, the new standard in performance footwear. Bont Cycling’s race-proven anatomic fit is now even further enhanced by a newly reimagined closure system. Experience performance and comfort without compromise like never before. 


I’m grateful by my continued ability to experience the superiority of the Bont cycling shoe product line. My relationship began over 6 years ago with the original A1 shoe and has continued with their advancement in design, craftsmanship and technology that have set their shoe apart from any other customize shoe on the market. With that in mind, they have recently introduced a new standard in the cycling performance footwear called the Helix. As with all previous Bont versions, the customized fit is one of the many things that makes Bont so superior with the full power transfer and this new standard in the newly designed closure system. The Vapor S was one of my top picks last year and as I compare the Vapor S to the helix they are quite similar with just a few improvements. The Bont system has the unidirectional carbon chassis that is baked/heated for a fully customize ideal fit. While my shoe size is pretty standard at 8.5, that extra moldability is a new dimension to the quality fit that sets Bont apart from all other shoes. With the stack height of a mere 3.6 mm, the power transfer from the foot to the pedal and the pavement is quite impressive and you won’t miss a single watt while pedaling. While the Vapor S has the dual boa system the helix has a inner/hidden Kevlar wiring boa dial system that cradles the entire foot with each boa adjusting turn, that cradles entire foot equally, The advancement in this continuous hidden wiring keeps your foot stable, secure and minimizes any movement front to back or side to side, thus reduces compression on nerves or blood vessels lessening hotspots or numbness while increasing power transfer at all times. As with the Bont shoes, there is a little extra space in the forefoot to allow for movement, wiggling and continual blood flow without pressure while riding. The Bont shoes have a slightly higher price tag, but there additional cost is well worth every single dime because of the craftsmanship, quality and performance with the mileage durability you can’t go wrong with these shoes. They are reasonably priced for around $399. The Bont Helix are a superior design, high-performance fully customized shoe that are essential for maximized power transfer and one of my Top Shoes for 2020 


  • Unidirectional Carbon Monocoque Chassis with Durolite upper
  • Stack Height of 3.6 mm and 260 grams at 46.5
  • Ventilation via air vents on front bumper and perforated upper
  • MM grid plus grip / 3 Hole Look Configuration
  • Fully Heat Moldable Chassis utilizing Epoxy Thermoset Resin
  • BOA IP1 Dial Retention System with Kevlar wiring
  • Medial Longitudinal Arch and Lateral Forefoot Support with and Anatomical Forefoot Shape
  • Anatomical Heel Cup for increased stability 


  • Reasonable priced at $399
  • Unlimited Customized heat moldable fit
  • Excellent Power transfer with low stack weight
  • Bont Boa Retention system from the carbon unidirectional chassis
  • Dispersed fit throughout entire shoe equally
  • Long lasting durability for 1,000’s of miles
  • Superior Arch support for optimal anatomical biomechanics 


  • None 


The Bont Helix are a superior design, high-performance fully customized shoe that are essential for maximized power transfer and one of my Top Shoes for 2020

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