Elite SSD Yoke Bar

The new and improved SS Yoke Bar, designed to build your squat and save your shoulders.


I have squatted over 35 years and as I age, adjust chiropractic patients and my regular weight training routines continue to wear on my shoulders. The SS Yoke bar is my first product from Elite FTS company and was designed by Dave Tate because of his shoulder injuries.  My interest in the SS Yoke bar was not only for my continued ability to squat but reduced shoulder strain and ability to breakthrough plateaus and barriers in myself and my boy’s workout goals. The position of the squat especially during extreme maximum overload puts high amounts of stress on the shoulder and the AC joints. The SS Yoke bar was specifically created to reduce the strain on the shoulders. I have always tried to find the perfect pad to protect the neck and shoulders, the yoke bar has a superior padding system that not only reduces the pressure on the neck but aids in the distribution of the weight over the entire shoulder girdle just not on rear deltoid. This pad is highly durable and will stand the test of sweat and scraping/scratches without any sign of wear. The Yoke handles are slightly sticker with a no slip grip surface that allows the lifter to stabilize and keep the ideal position without any injury. The Yoke has a longer chamber bar which increases bar rating and strength load capacity. The bar has been tested 1200+ and rated to 1,500 lbs. The surface of the bar is clear coated finish which will withstand the test of moisture without any rust ever occurring. I have been able to use the SSB yoke bar for not only squats but chain, bands, good morning’s, lunges and any other exercises that the Westside system will come up with. The bar is around $389 and is slightly longer than an average bar and weighs 20 pounds more than the average Olympic bar (65lbs). Overall, the SS Yoke bar is an essential bar for all types of younger and older athletes that not only protect the shoulders, reduce injuries and will increase your maximum width.


  • Denser and longer neck pad that will not break down and sits perfectly on the upper back
  • Shorter but thicker handles that allow the lifter to support the bar without aiding in the lift or tossing the lifter into a compromising position.
  • Extended bar camber that greatly increases the strength and rating of the bar
  • High quality handle grips and a clear coated finish
  • Bar camber is 49.5 inches in length and weighs 65lbs


  • Essential lifting gear for plateau reduction and PR
  • Designed for comfort and safety handle feature
  • High quality moisture and rust resistant bar
  • Reduces pressure on Shoulders reducing repetitive or long-term injuries
  • Reasonably priced at $389.99


  • Requires an adjustable collar (screw or locking) for weight security (Spring collars excluded)


Overall, the SSB Yoke bar is an essential bar for all types of younger and older athletes that not only protect the shoulders, reduce injuries and will increase your maximum width.

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