Hammerhead Karoo

This is Karoo. A new generation of cycling computer. Designed by cyclists and built on Android, Karoo brings the finest maps, training tools, and social features to the bike. 


I have been patiently waiting for my Karoo since early funding late summer 2017. This was my first funding that through and I was excited about finally receiving it via UPS several weeks ago. This Karoo was highly touted as truly the next big thing that was going to give the iPhone and Garmin Edges a full competition experience. The Hammerhead Karoo is built on an Android Operating System has the integration metrics on board 3G cellular WiFi without a phone required. The screen is a Grade 4 Corning Gorilla Glass that allows for maximum visibility, high color resolution 640×480 and 229 pixels per square inch with the largest end to end screen so far. The battery life is 15 hours of runtime and 10 hours of full brightness and Wi-Fi mode. Karoo works simultaneously and seamlessly with all Bluetooth and Ant+ sensors with the high-resolution color screen with full customization of all objective cycling metrics. Easily build, discover and modify any route with GPS navigation system and even I can’t get lost. The Android operating system with 2.4 GHz processor, 3G Wi-Fi, 2 GB RAM and 16 GB of storage. The unit is crafted with aluminum titanium skeleton that has an airfoil inspired tilt for maximum visibility with a rock-solid BarFly for Max melt. As for cost, I paid in the funding around $300 and we have yet to see what the final cost wind up being price will be close to that amount. The Hammerhead Karoo a cycling computer advancement with full customization, integration and visual acuity that will give the Garmin Edge a full run for its money and is one of my early Top Products of the year. 


  • A smooth operating system, built on Android OS, designed for cycling and loaded with class-leading apps. Regularly updated with enhancements and new features.
  • Visualize data from Bluetooth Smart 4.0 and ANT+ sensors simultaneously in beautiful, customizable screens
  • Analyze metrics, understand efforts, and improve performance with training insights
  • No Phone required, Karoo is an entirely standalone system that gives you all the tools in one place
  • Easily build, discover, and modify routes. Offline navigation and rerouting ensure you never get lost.
  • On-board 3G cellular (with a SIM card installed) and WiFi connectivity enables automated sync, streaming, live-sharing, and other real-time features
  • Seamless integration with Strava and other apps lets you post efforts, share routes, find friends, and much more.
  • Smart power management and a high-performance battery gives between 10-15-hour runtime, depending on connected sensors and settings
  • High resolution, non-reflective, military-grade Corning Gorilla Glass 4 screen for maximum visibility in sunlight
  • Touch screen Tactile, snappy, and offset to allow a single gloved hand to easily control Karoo in any conditions.
  • Android Operating System with 2.4 GHz, 3G WiFi, 2GB RAM and 16 Gb storage


  • Universal compatibility with Ant + and Bluetooth simultaneously
  • Solid construction with light sensing, High resolution responsive Gorilla screen
  • Full customization of any analytic metrics or mapping route
  • Works with All Android Apps and social integrations
  • Excellent Battery life of 15 hours or 10 at Full brightness/WiFi
  • 3.5 diagonal Largest screen on the cycling market with 640×480-229 pixels per inch
  • Aluminum Titanium Skeleton with rock solid BarFly 4 Max mount 


  • None 


The Hammerhead Karoo a cycling computer advancement with full customization, integration and visual acuity that will give the Garmin Edge a full run for its money and is one of my early Top Products of the year

To purchase or for additional info go to https://www.hammerhead.io/products/hammerhead-karoo

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