Bandbell Earthquake Bar

The original Bamboo Bar re-designed for an all purpose approach. This bar offers total versatility. Rehab, Strength, Function, Recovery. The all-purpose kinetic juggernaut that allows you to quickly add bands and start training.  The first-choice for pro-sports, personal trainers, and gyms everywhere. 


With years of chronic shoulder injuries, I was ready to update my training stabilization and joint strengthening through the Earthquake Bar. This was specifically designed for rehab and prevent of injuries and improve accessory and stabilization muscles in the hips, knees and shoulders. The concept is based upon Oscillating Kinetic Energy (OKE) and how the focused, balance and stabilization of the joint increases the muscle, ligament and tendon strength and motion. The OKE principle catapulting your strength, joint movement and overall weight capacity over time. The Earthquake bar is quite difficult to use but requires focus and balance which improves with consistency and will truly take your training to the next level. With my ongoing shoulder injuries, I was able to see a major difference in the strength and the overall stability of the shoulder when I was working through my long Chiropractic work days and overall weight training during the week. The Earthquake bar is designed from harden Ashwood and durable composite resin and is incredibly durable and can with stand a load capacity over 300 pounds. It is made in the good old USA. The earthquake bar allows you to add additional weight as compared to the Bamboo Bar itself. This Oscillating Kinetic Energy is ideal for Rehab and Prehab training to recover and prevent Injury, increase Range of motion in the upper and lower extremities and will take your training to a higher level, getting you out of the multiple plateaus that you may be experiencing. Using the Earthquake bar with heal, strengthen and protect the integrity of the joints. The Bar is reasonably priced at only $289. The Earthquake Bar is a excellent rehab injury, preventative and strength training device and it is a must for all level athletes. 


  • Made in America
  • Hardened Ash Wood & Durable Composite Resin
  • Designed around the principles of Oscillating Kinetic Energy (OKE) from the erratic movement of the banded weights and transfers that energy to exactly the right stabilizing muscles to develop, strengthen and bulletproof shoulders and hips
  • Length 80″, Diameter 1.5″ and Weighs only 6 Lbs
  • Loading Capacity of 300 Lbs+
  • Specific for Rehab, Prehab, Balance, Flexibility, Range of Motion, Endurance Training, and more


  • Reasonable priced at $289
  • Excellent for CORE, stabilization and joint functional training
  • Durable, long lasting design with high load/bend capacity
  • Must for Rehab, injury prevention and strength training thru joint stabilization of accessory muscles, tendon and ligaments
  • Unique Dual capacity to improve exercise form and strength at the same time 


  • None 


The Earthquake Bar is a excellent rehab injury, preventative and strength training device and it is a must for all level athletes.

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