BONT Riot+

Bont Riot+, the world’s first carbon composite heat moldable entry level cycling shoe now available with BOA retention system. The Riot+ combines Bont’s pro series technical features, our power transfer platform, anatomical shaping with competition grade materials and BOA retention system to create the most technically advanced entry level road cycling shoe 


My second shoe for the summer is the Bont Riots +. As my history with Bont covers thousands of miles and many years, they truly stand the test of durability, performance and customization that are unmatched by any other shoe in the cycling market. The Bont Riot+ is there entry-level shoe with all the bells and whistles of their high-end shoe without the price. The Riot + has several upgrades in the design and performance with dual dialed in micro adjustable dial and Z Velcro strap. The nylon and carbon sole not only increase the stiffness and power transfer but also reduces the overall weight. All it takes is about 20 minutes of baking and you’ve got a fully customized anatomical fit. While I am a more of a BOA micro fit, this shoe gives the dual possibility of the Z-Form Velcro and the micro adjustment to make both parties happy. As with the other competitors, Bont shoe don’t give much terms of stretching out which makes them the longer-lasting and high durability as with many issues stretching changes the fit and creates too much movement thus losing power. Anatomically and biomechanically speaking, the shoe has longitudinal medial and lateral arches supports that must be correct to create proper and functional mechanics during activity.  Maximizing these arches reducing stress on the foot, knee and hip, preventing injuries and optimizing performance. One of the best parts about the shoes is that they are only $169 which for this price you inherited all the key features of Bont’s legendary performance at a great price. Overall, the Bont Riot + are the most affordable, high performance and customized fit cycling shoe on the market today and you will not be let down just to say the least.  


  • Nylon/carbon sole increases stiffness and reduces overall weight
  • BOA IP1 closure dial with Z-Form Velcro strap secures your foot in place
  • Heat-moldable insoles ensures a customized fit
  • Overall fit of the shoe has been improved over the original Riot’s
  • 5 different color combinations (Mega Crimson/Khaki, Midnight/Mega Crimson, Pearl White/Black, Totally Lime/Charcoal) including black/Black
  • Lightweight at only 280 grams with 4.8 mm stack height


  • Affordably priced at $169
  • Entry level high performance shoe
  • Creates an ideal customized high-performance fit
  • Super power transfer from carbon composite
  • Dual security with Z Form Velcro and BOA micro adjustable dial 


  • None 


Overall, the Bont Riot + are the most affordable, high performance and customized fit cycling shoe on the market today and you will not be let down just to say the least.   

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